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The feeding tube decision is one of the most important decisions that an ALS patient will face. I find most ALS patients wait too long to explore what a feeding tube can do for them. This can help a patient stay stronger and healthier by keeping their nutritional levels high.

I highly recommend this DVD (see below for an excerpt of the video or to else to order the full-length DVD itself) for all of my patients sooner rather than later. It is best to explore these options when swallowing first becomes an issue, and not when you are in crisis! This is not an end of life treatment, Mary Bethbut a step that will extend your health and make your quality of life better!

The Feeding Tube Decision - The short video shown below provides an overview of the feeding tube decision.

Topics covered include:

- Decision-making
- PEG insertion procedure
- Using and caring for a PEG
- Troubleshooting

The full-length DVD video of The Feeding Tube Decision is available for online purchase at the Simplified Traning Solutions web site.

Nutritional Lifeline: The Feeding Tube Decision
Overview Video

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The movie is intended as a summary of the full-length video for demonstration purposes.
The full-length DVD video is now available for online purchase.

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ALS, lou gehrig's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


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